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Our Philosophy

The demand for or service exist is because we can offer the client a means of consistently achieving housekeeping/cleaning objective. In the most cost effective manner, without the day to day hassle, so that they can focus on their man activity.

Cleaning Is our core business, achieving these objective is our priority. Recognition from our customers on the success of our Implementation has been and will remain our strength to growth and survival In a fiercely competitive environment


  • To achieve a reputation in the marketplace for OUTSTANDING SERVICE delivery.
  • To allow our customer to be judge of the quality service provided.
  • To encourage close and lasting relationship with our customer therefore building their thrust and confidence.
  • To produce acceptable profits as a consequence of maintaining client satisfaction and the quality of our product-partnership.
  • To set high standard and provide an environment that is conductive to attracting and retaining highly motivated, well-trained, loyal employees, which is the foundation for a healthy and successful organization.
  • To constantly seek ways to innovate, improve and lead in our field of endeavor.


Our goal is to expand our business into a large scale company, reaching out to residential homes, condominiums, apartments, offices, shopping malls, and industrial facilities in the City of Kuching and beyond.


Our dream is for everyone to recognize our lpiqa Cleaning Services icon and become the gold standard in this industry that everyone talks about! Ipiqa Cleaning Services aims to be the best cleaning service provider in town,

Quality Commitment

At Ipiqa Cleaning Services we guarantee your satisfaction. if you are not pleased with the service provided, simply give us a call within 24 hours and we will work our best with you to resolve the issue.

We offer services at lower prices than most other cleaning companies without compromising service quality. All domestic & foreign helpers are intensively trained in our training center
to ensure that they can be competent in performing their jobs.

At Ipiqa Cleaning Services we have strict Quality Assurance Protocol which involves routine service evaluations by project supervisors. Our supervisors will periodically evaluate the cleaners and their job performances by visiting the site during our regularly scheduled Quality Monitoring Program. We always strife to improve our service so we value our client’s feedback.
Our clients value Ipiqa Cleaning Services not only because we deliver great services, but because we hold ourselves to a higher standard with integrity, honesty and respect.

Our reputation as a company that our customers can trust is our most valuable asset, and we always work hard to continually earn that trust.